• Create awareness
    Things that are not there

    We do not want to create only visible graphics but mainly ads that convey things beyond that. If we can give "awareness", which is a by-product produced by design, the friendliness of the recipient will deepen and the brand value will increase. If consumers can imagine more than what they see for your brand, we can share the next exciting steps with your customers.qt

  • Human
    Boosting each other

    Working with professional creators there will be new inspiring discoveries, revealing the potential of each individual. Sensitivity intersects with specialization and with it comes up with satisfyingly unexpected ideas. As we find many companies and people in various projects, we want to be a hub that connects creators and designers with a perfect balance.

  • The word
    Be in the same direction

    Instead of coming face to face and projecting yourself in the same direction, a great confidence will be created. For this reason, we want to help companies and brands to verbally help build strong relationships of trust with consumers. In particular, Japanese and Chinese directors and writers work together to support issues of Japanese companies that have entered the Chinese market. Even though the culture and lifestyle are different, it is necessary to transform the ideas of Japanese companies for the Chinese market in order to gain empathy and confidence.

  • Connecting people
    get confidence

    To establish good communication between customers and consumers, we explore the possibilities and the essence of the brand, improving it. In other words, it should lead to the resolution of the customer's problems and support the user's new emotions and experiences. Communication that creates solid trust between people. This is our basic approach to creatives.

The reason for starting to connect with someone is quite trivial. However, if the connection is carefully cultivated, the degree of admiration will deepen and the union will remain firm and strong. The thought placed on this brand is "LINK UP". It is interesting because there are always people besides brands and products. join us in a relationship where energetic ideas emanate that move the world. We believe that by sharing empathy and connecting, we establish our destiny.